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From the 9th century, there were a lot of records shown that Kaffa (today is Ethiopia) is the original land of coffee. It was the 14th century when slaves brought coffee from Ethiopia to Arabia. But it’s not until 15th century that people knew about roasting coffee and used it as a kind of drink.
Coffee became a traditional drink of Arabian và Arabia became an exclusive coffee-grower with the trading center placed in the port city – Mocha, or so-called Mokka – also known as Al Mukha city now belonging to Yemen.
The Arabian’s pride is inventing this kind of drink and they keep secret in order to converse the exclusive right to this product. They impose strict sanctions in manufacturing and exporting coffee such as the coffee beans are only export after roasted, the foreigners couldn’t come near the coffee plantation. However, despite the strict sanctions, there is always someone who can evade the rule. The pilgrims who had a chance to enjoy drinking coffee brought the seed back to their motherland sneakily. No longer after that, coffee trees were planted all over the Middle East and spread out progressively.


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