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According to many documents, coffee emerged from the 9th or 10th centuries thanks to the goats in Capfa (today belongs to Ethiopia). The story begins when these goats refused to "rest" just because they ate a plant with white flowers, red fruits even till the darkness.

Strangely, the Kaldi shepherd told the priests in the area and then the coffee was discovered since then. Thanks to its mesmerizing taste, coffee is becoming a popular drink all over the world. But in Vietnam, when is coffee known?


Not standing behind the native tea, coffee in Vietnam has gone through a long journey, witnessing the rises and falls in Vietnamese history.

Followed by the French priests, coffee came to Vietnam from 1857. Initially, coffee was planted in some northern provinces such as Tuyen Quang, Ninh Binh, Ha Nam ... Then gradually, the post of coffee expanded to the central provinces of such as such as Quang Tri, Quang Binh. After moving to the South of the Central Highlands and the South East, people realized that the Central Highlands was a right place to provide environmental, conditions, circumstances for coffee. And by nature, the Central Highlands became the capital of coffee in Vietnam.

It is possible to summarize the exploring and conquering journey of coffee in Vietnam through the following milestones:
  • In 1857, coffee officially came to Vietnam
  • In 1888, the first coffee post was built by French in Ke So, the North of Vietnam. At that time, the variety of planned coffee was Arbica coffee.
  • In1908, the French brought 2 more variety of coffee to Vietnam: Robustavà Liberica
  • In 1945, the coffee area in the whole country reached 10.000 ha, especially provinces in the North
  • After 1975, coffee developed strongly in the Central Highland and initially marked a new era of Vietnam's coffee growing and manufacturing industry.
Ảnh Bg
Ảnh Bg


Throughout the long-term of development, coffee has become a cultivar associated with the national identity. Even so, the coffee has raised the value of Vietnamese agriculture, bringing Vietnam to the second largest coffee export country in the world.

Currently, coffee in Vietnam is divided into 3 main branches:
  • Arabica coffee– The oldest coffee variety on earth. In Vietnam, Arabica coffee is divided into branches such as Catimor, Bourbon, Typica and Catuai.
  • Robusta coffee with two main branches: Robusta Se và Robusta Cao San.
  • Cherry coffee (also known as Liberica) is also divided into two main branches: Liberica and Exelsa.
Each variety has its own unique flavor but they share the common feature – the glamour taste that easily pleases the consumers, which make enjoying a cup of coffee every morning or inviting friends to gather, talk and enjoy coffee has become a habit that hard to resist of Vietnamese people.

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