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Gia Lai is the cradle of ancient culture, rich of national identity. Coming to Gia Lai, you have the opportunity to see the Rong house with unique architecture of the Jarai and Bahnar. The eye-catching traditional costumes and natural instruments that emiting lush sounds of the mountains such as gongs, K'ni, Lithophone, K'long pút, ect.

Moreover, this land still retains the national festivals associated with the life of the people such as buffalo stabbing ceremony, new rice ceremony, mourning ceremony.

Gia Lai has many historical sites that have been ranked nationally such as Stor Resistance Village, Pleiku Reservoir, ect.
Gia lai toan canh

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The attractive of Gia Lai comes not only from the people, cultural traditions, history but also from a plant.

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"Do you know that there is also “snow” in Gia Lai? The special kind of “snow” – the pride of people there.

Those are coffee’s flowers which are as white as snowflakes. From a distance, people thought that the snowflakes are stagnating on the branches with a passionate aroma that hard to describe.

Coffee in Gia Lai is very beautiful. They are beautiful from their appearance to their taste. Every time coming to Gia Lai, everyone brings back a bag of coffee to enjoy or give them to their beloved as a souvenir.
Hoa ca phe

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