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Abbreviate of GBF: GLOBAL BAVERAGE AND FOOD: G stands for Gia Lai and GLOBAL (the desire to spread our business to the world, brings the products to international customers) BF stands for Baverage & Food: GBF first develops coffee and penetrates into the beverage market initially, rooted in beverages. In the future, GBF will have more products related to "Food" such as GBF CASHEWS, GBF PEPPERS, ...

Logo of GBF: The trademark of GBF is integrated harmoniously, the intersection has a picture of stilt house with the pattern as an icon of the Central Highland.

Packaging: GBF has always focused on protecting consumers' health and the environment. That’s why GBF always attend to the manufacturing process to produce clean coffee and GBF uses environmental friendly Kraft paper.

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Coffee corporation Company (GBF Corp) is proud to be a Vietnamese enterprise majoring in manufacturing and trading Vietnamese coffee production: high-quality coffee powders, export coffee beans, instant coffee. The selective coffee beans in GBF have to go through a professional manufacturing process and a strict audit to ensure the highest quality of the coffee.

GBF spreads the wings all over provinces of the Central Highland and breaks into almost every provinces and cities’ market of Vietnam. GBF put on the first step in exporting products to foreign countries such as Hongkong, Russia, Korea,… and receive many positive signals.


Only the best coffee beans make tasty coffee. For that reason, the coffee beans of GBF must be selected and audit strictly from the suppliance, meet the highest quality requirement standards. And more especially, in each merchandise, put in a “special ingredient”, which is the GBF staffs’ soul, enthusiasm, and indulgence in coffee.

As for the love of Vietnamese coffee, we are here to bring the essence of Vietnamese coffee to our friends from Vietnam to other foreign countries. We hope that our passion is expressed and understood through every product that we bring to you.

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